The YQL Liftoff project includes support for implementing key Master Plan recommendations. The implementation primary focuses on delivering an airport governance model, and an airport marketing plan. Airport Governance efforts will be advanced based on the commitment from Lethbridge County and the City of to move forward together, on the pursuit of a possible airport commission. The airport marketing plan will focus on both air service marketing and regional customer retention. Air service marketing will focus on the retention and growth of air service. Regional customer retention, marketing will emphasize the available services and electing Lethbridge Airport as the airport of choice for the region. In supporting the choice for using Lethbridge Airport a flight cost calculator has been developed to help regional passengers make informed airport selection decisions. Additional tools and information will be shared in this section as the YQL Liftoff project advances.


The project will address the airport governance structure required for future operational success. Furthermore, a roadmap will be created for the implementation of the recommended governance model. The 2016 Airport Financial Assessment and Governance Update Report recommended the implementation of an airport commission. In May 2017, Lethbridge City Council approved a resolution to move forward, in principle, with Lethbridge County on the pursuit of a possible airport commission. This will be the driving commitment in supporting the delivery of a new Governance Model.