What is an Airport Master Plan?

An Airport Master Plan is a detailed study used to guide airport development that will meet current and future demand in a cost-effective manner.  The Master Plan for Lethbridge Airport will determine what the goals and initiatives should be for the short and long term.  Planning for future growth is important in our growing community.

What Does YQL Mean?

All airports are assigned a three-letter identifying code that is determined by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Most Canadian Airports begin with the letter Y (some begin with Z) as an indicator of Canada followed by an acronym for the city, Lethbridge being QL.

Who do we mean by stakeholders?

Stakeholders are those with a direct interest and/or a major stake in the operation and future development of the airport). Secondary Stakeholders are those with an indirect interest in the operation and future development of Lethbridge Airport.

How will public feedback be used?

At project milestones, we will compile all of the feedback received to help us develop clear options to present to our stakeholders during the next phase. Information collected will be summarized in a publicly available Consultation Summary Document, which will be posted to our YQL 2038 website for your reference upon completion of the Master Plan.

I already gave my feedback in a different survey.

How was that used?  Should I do this survey too?  –The public feedback gathered in 2016 through online surveys and public consultations were used to update the Financial Assessment and Governance Study.  You can view the study here as well as the survey results.  By providing additional feedback through the YQL Liftoff website, you will be helping us to formulate options to present to our stakeholders in the next phase of planning.