Find the flights with Lethbridge partner airlines (Air Canada and WestJet). Take into account not only the airfare, but also the gas, mileage and parking costs and most importantly, the time spent travelling. The Trip Calculator will compare the prices and find the real cost savings of flying from Lethbridge.

Enter in the airfare amount of a round trip from Lethbridge and Calgary Airports and find out how much you can save on your next trip.

  Lethbridge (YQL) Calgary (YYC)  
Enter the Round Trip Flight Cost:  
Breakdown Cost:  
7 Day Parking $0 $0 Parking - $120/wk for Parkade 1&2 at YYC, $56/wk at YQL
Travel Time $0 $0 Travel time - based on round trip hours from Lethbridge to YYC @ $20/hr. 4 hr. 40 min return trip to YYC
Mileage $0 $0 based on round trip km's from downtown Lethbridge to YYC and YQL @ $0.55/km (448 km round trip to YYC, 20 km round trip to YQL). Mileage rate based on Canada Revenue Agency Automobile Allowance Rates.
Flight $0 $0 These totals do not include checked baggage fees or potential hotel expenses which may be needed to accommodate flight times.
Total costs $0 $0