Lethbridge County is pleased to announce that WSP Canada has been awarded the successful bid for the Lethbridge Airport Master Plan. The Master Plan will guide development and infrastructure for a 20- year planning period (2018-2038) by providing an opportunity to strategize the future of the airport. This project will include anticipating future demand and opportunities, as well as airport needs. WSP will work with Lethbridge County and other stakeholders to conduct research and determine how the airport will meet future demands. A public consultation process will be launched in upcoming months including a website for inquiries and feedback.


The City of Lethbridge and Lethbridge County are pursuing a joint governance model for the County-owned Lethbridge Airport. City and County Councils approved a resolution in May 2017 to move forward in principle with pursuing implementation of an airport commission governance model, as recommended in an independent consultant’s report entitled the 2016 Airport Financial Assessment and Governance Update.
In 2016, the Airport Committees of Lethbridge County and the City of Lethbridge commissioned MMM Group to update the 2011 Financial Assessment and Governance Strategy for the Lethbridge Airport. The update reflects current market conditions and is intended to assist with future airport governance-related strategic decisions as well as aid both Airport Committees in better understanding current and future airport activity.